kay me’s three problem-solving features

Did you know that kay me was envisioned by brand founder and lead designer Junko Kemi to meet her exacting work-wear needs?

Searching for new outfits appropriate for the office back in 2011, Junko was disappointed that none of the clothing on offer ticked all of the boxes for her.

Instead of compromising or giving up, Junko decided there was a perfect gap in the market for a range of women’s clothing and business suits that was machine washable, soft and stretchy, and in a classic chic style.

Let’s take an in-depth look at kay me’s three problem-solving features…


1. “I don’t want to waste time dry-cleaning

Being able to machine-wash at home ensures that you’ll never have to worry about dragging a whole pile of items to the dry-cleaner, paying extra, dealing with slippery protective bags, and above all, worrying about the next trip to the cleaner.

We’ve chosen a selection of both man-made and natural fibers that provide excellent color retention, and are easily washed at home with no complicated instructions, can be hung to dry, and are also crease-resistant meaning no need for ironing.

2. “I want to be comfortable

In addition to be being machine-washable at home, our fabrics are also chosen for their softness and stretchiness.

There’s nothing worse than feeling too tightly restricted by clothing during a busy day. As part of Junko’s career as a consultant she was used to traveling around the country by car, train and air, so she understood the true value of being able to commute to and from work and live an active life in the most comfortable way possible.

Additionally, our dress and clothing patterns have been designed, redesigned and reworked multiple times to ensure that every seam, tuck and pleat is perfectly placed on the body to create a surprisingly comfortable and flattering silhouette.


3. “I don’t want to feel stressed about outfit coordination

Say goodbye to the Monday morning closet panic!

All our items have been designed and made to seamlessly wear together, with classic items such as suits always available in must-have navy and black, with colors including gray and charcoal, pastels and rich reds available seasonally.

For even more outfit inspiration, be sure to take a look at the coordinate suggestions on every item page, with kay me’s expert stylists providing inspiration for how to wear each item within the kay me range.

To learn more about the behind-the-scenes story of kay me, click here!

Introducing… Team coordinates, from kay me

Have you seen our new page? Visitors to the new kay me home page may have noticed a new section – team coordinates.

Featuring three key members of the kay me team, including founder and lead designer Junko Kemi, the team coordinates showcase the variety of ways to wear kay me through the week.

Enjoy a few examples…



Today, I have some consulting work.

I’m getting to the stage in my life when I am looking for sophistication as well as professionalism when choosing the perfect suit! This stretchy Lace Peplum Suit allows me to attend business seminars with elegance and grace.

The pale-tone lilac color is soft and pairs beautifully well with black, navy, gray, white, and an array of colors with ease.



Strong colors always inspire me, and nothing more so than a powerful blue. Blue reminds me of the ocean and sky – both seemingly limitless, a feeling I want to drive and inspire me through the beginning of a new year.

We all set resolutions in January, but 70% are broken within a month.

Adding a powerful-feeling Riders Jacket to the look gives the extra strength to carry on those resolutions into February and beyond. Our White Tassel Tote Bag stands out in contrast to the two tone setup on dress and jacket – this look is all about ‘feeling on top of the world’.



I attended a party Friday night at the embassy, a small gathering that I was invited to by a few close connections.

This Rose Jersey Dress gives the impression of an elegant yet approachable heroine, which gave me the opportunity to speak freely with many of the guests. I was able to make more contacts, even some that will open doors to new opportunities.

On cold nights like that evening, the Elegant Trench Coat not only keeps me warm but also adds a touch of luxury to my ensemble.

Discover more team coordinates here.

Print Story – Denime

Hello, this is Yuko from the kay me atelier team! Today I’d like to tell you all about our Denime dress.

kay me is a brand that supports working women, so we love to create versatile prints for every occasion: presentations, parties, dinners and the office, as well as dates, outings, travel and resort vacations.

When we look at a design, various scenes and situations run through my head. For example, for a formal dinner, what kind of industry is it? Have they met before? What is the balance of men and women at the dinner? How conservative should attendees dress? And so on…

Even though I’ve spent a long time in the apparel industry, I haven’t encountered many designers who think about materials and designs from this point of view.

Take our Denime print, suitable for every day, you can carry the casual feeling of denim with you.

By overlaying elegant flowers and lace, you can wear this dress on not so casual days as well. We were also conscious of the stitching to maintain the image of actual denim, so we selected a contrasting orange as an accent colour.


We trial printed fabric over and over until we achieved the perfect delicate nuance of authentic antique faded denim. Finally we found the ideal colour and were able to print it using specialist techniques on our top-quality stretchy and washable rayon. The matching design for this print is our signature drape style that flatters your natural figure.

This dress was entirely made in Tokyo from start to finish, so come and take a look!

Looking forward to next time… Yuko.


International Women’s Day at kay me

On March 8th, we gathered the kay me HQ team at our Ginza store in Tokyo for a special group photo to commemorate International Women’s Day.


As a company founded by and for women, the team wanted to celebrate all the women involved in kay me, from Junko Kemi’s original vision of stylish, comfortable and easy to care for workwear, to the artisans who hand-made every single kay me item, to the team behind the label and of course of our wonderful customers who continue to support kay me.


March 8th is also known as “mimosa day” in Japan, after the Italian tradition of giving mimosa flowers to show appreciation for women. kay me Ginza also had a lovely display of these bright yellow flowers to honour the day.