How to create your own office uniform

Dressing for the Monday to Friday life is just another task for some, no matter how much you love style and clothing, and creating your own version of a work uniform can help ease the morning stress.

Read on for kay me stylists’ tips and our examples…


Find your favourites

On a busy day, what’s the outfit you reach for first? The one that makes you feel comfortable and stylish, putting your best foot forward and ready to take on whatever comes your way. This forms the backbone of your new uniform – why waste time with anything else.


If you’re having trouble with this step, then ask yourself a few key questions: do you prefer dresses or separates? Which colours form the majority of your closet? Solid colours are easier to wear together, but if you’re a fan of prints such as polka dots, florals or stripes, then let those guide your choices.

Seasonal styles

How seasonal are your choices? Is your uniform suitable for both colder and hotter months? How can you adapt your clothing to meet your needs?

Okay, that’s a lot of questions to start with, but these are important considerations. Seasonal coordinations might mean swapping skirt for trousers in similar colours, thicker stockings and warm underdresses in winter in the northern hemisphere, and looser tops with airy scarves in warmer months.


Multiples and Variations

A uniform isn’t a uniform if everything it totally different – but how you create your structure is up to you.

For example, if the core of your new uniform is a navy dress and matching jacket, then one option would be other navy dresses and jackets in various fabrics – consider our navy drape dress or pure wool jacket. For variety, you might prefer kay me cache-coeur dresses in navy polka dot or prints paired with similar jackets in white, grey or beige.


Wash and wear

For many, while the idea of a work uniform really appeals, the greatest stumbling block is washing. Needless to say, all kay me items are machine washable, drip-dry and non-iron, as well being crease-resistant. Our fabrics have been specially selected to work with you all day long, and as every piece is handmade right here in Japan we’re involved in the whole production process from start to finish.


Ready to create your own uniform?

For office-ready outfits, take a look at our super suits category, and for dresses in every colour of the rainbow, discover all kay me dresses here.

Coordinating Knitwear Outfits, from the kay me team

Our super stylists at kay me HQ in Ginza have been hard at work putting together lots of great outfit inspiration with our knitwear collection. As with all kay me items, everything is machine washable, non-iron and wonderfully soft and stretchy. You won’t find any scratchy sweaters here – just simple classic knit dresses that can be dressed up or down your way. We’ve provided some inspiration here, and of course we’d love to see your outfits too – tag #kayme on Instagram to share your style.


(Milan Rib white, faux-leather and knit biker jacket, Milan Rib pink)

Imagining a date night, our stylists chose our white Milan Rib knit dress paired with our black faux-leather riders jacket for a cool look that will definitely keep you warm on a winter evening. We also suggest adding your favourite pair of ankle boots and a faux-fur scarf for a touch of rock and roll. If you’re off to a glamorous destination, our Milan Rib knit dress in pretty pink is a great match with frosty glittery accessories, perfect for gazing at the Christmas illuminations.


(Blue Mucha wrap dress, off-white cache-coeur knit top, Milan Rib black)

Heading to a post-work party? Our stylists suggest wearing our Blue Mucha wrap dress with our off-white cache-coeur knit top for extra warmth, and you can certainly never go wrong with a pair of killer heels and a matching clutch. Our Milan Rib knit dress in black is sombre enough for the office, and the addition of a vivid scarf creates visual interest and takes this outfit to the next level – a simple and effective way of making the most of each dress.


(Milan Rib black, Milan Rib grey)

Our black Milan Rib knit dress gets a make-over! Paired with bold yellow accessories, this eye-catching outfit is perfect for trips to the theatre, visits to art galleries and in warmer weather a stroll through stately gardens. Not to be left out, our stylists have paired our grey Milan Rib knit dress with navy blue shoes and scarf, creating a more subdued but elegant colour palette.


(Navy turtleneck, Milan Rib white, knit bolero black)

If you’re jetting off for the weekend and wish to stay stylish on a flight, look no further than our soft and cosy navy blue turtleneck knit dress – fully machine washable, crease-proof and stretchy, simply add low-heeled ankle boots and a statement (non-metallic!) necklace to complete the look. For those hoping to add some on-trend knitwear to their office wardrobe, kay me stylists have selected our Milan Rib knit dress in white paired with our black knit bolero. A patterned silk scarf adds a hint of colour, while keeping you warm and comfortable.

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Top Wrap Dress Tips from kay me

Have you ever wondered how to perfectly tie your beautiful new kay me dress? Never fear, our easy to follow video guides are here to give you a helping hand to recreate the best bows and form-flattering lines that make kay me cache-coeur and wrap dresses such a great choice for women on the way to work as well as relaxing at the weekend.

Keep reading and hit play to learn the secrets of how to tie your dresses…


How to tie a kay me cache-coeur dress:

With the zip fully open, slip the dress over your head and then zip up.

Feed the left ribbon through the hole on the right hand side, then pull the right ribbon tight and pass both around your back. Try to keep the ribbons as flat as possible for the best effect.

Tie a bow in the centre, and spread out the ribbons for extra volume.

You can also experiment with different positions and ways to tie your bow, just like a kimono obi belt.

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How to tie a kay me wrap dress:

Start with the dress open, and thread the left ribbon through the hole on the right hand side.

Pull both ribbons behind you, making sure the dress is snug and there are no wrinkles in the ribbons.

Pass the ribbons around your back and to the front again, while still keeping the ribbons as flat as possible.

Tie a bow – our kay me styling team suggest slightly off-centre to the left and the larger the bow the larger the impact.

Finally, you’ll find kay me’s signature fastener on the left side – attach to the right, and you’ll be protected on breezy days.

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Not only are kay me dresses easy to wear, but our high quality fabrics with patented easy-care technology also feel great – no more stiff materials that crease too easily. We even took two years to find the perfect fabric blends to ensure that our top level standards continue across the whole kay me range.