Winter flowers in Japan

While winter might be the season of snow, skiing and cozying up under kotatsu (Japanese heated table with blanket), here at kay me we’re hard at work preparing for the next year ahead and enjoying the beautiful nature that surrounds us in Japan.

Cherry blossom is emblematic of spring, but don’t forget that winter has its own share of beautiful blooms and pretty petals too!

Today, kay me stylists pick their favorite winter flowers and provide a selection matching dresses for a subtle taste of the beauty of Japan…

Camellia (tsubaki)










With stunning petals in shades of red and pink, camellia flowers bring a much-needed burst of color to the winter landscape.

Our Tsubaki dresses are of course the perfect match! With a pretty camellia print in both red and blue, pair these dresses with simple but striking accessories for special occasions. For even more color, explore our solid color jersey dresses in rich reds and pinks.

Ginkgo (icho)


One of our favorite signs of late autumn, the brilliant gold of gingko leaves creates a living carpet of leaves across the city as we say farewell to fall.

Capture the glow of gingko with our dresses in yellow floral prints, and wear with contrasting knitwear to stay warm all season long. Our silk dress in warm gold creates a stunning impression, and our patented washable silk means there’s no need to worry about dry-cleaning and more time to enjoy your special events.

Maple trees (momiji)


The last signs of the gorgeous autumn foliage are still with us, and something that we look forward to every year.

Bring the warmth and color of maple leaves into you wardrobe with our charming Rice Shower series in red and green, as well as our solid color jersey dresses in suitably leaf-like orange. kay me stylists suggest pairing these dresses with with knits and outerwear in black and beige tones for an extra fall feeling even in the middle of winter.

Plum blossom (ume)


The early cousin of cherry blossom, plum blossom’s gentle rounded petals let us know that spring is near and sure to grace us again soon.

For a true taste of traditional Japanese style, our 100% pure silk jersey Hana Asagi dress with shell-like bust design brings to mind delicate flowers against a cool winter sky. For a nod to the lovely variations of colors that plum blossom can be found in, take a look at our range of pink and purple dresses, from dark to light, and pair with matching kay me select stoles for a look that effortlessly channels the soft yet stark contrasts of plum blossom.

For more original florals and more, explore our print collectionsand don’t forget, kay me offers free global shipping as standard!

Three ways to wear sakura-inspired pink this spring

Spring is on the horizon here in Japan, and we just can’t wait for sunshine and cherry blossom!

This week on the kay me blog we’re celebrating one of our favorite flowers – the ephemeral beauty of sakura’s delicate petals in shades of pink providing inspiration for artists of all kinds throughout the centuries.

In fact, traditional Japanese names for colors reflect the natural beauty of the country, including cherry blossom, peach, and water persimmon. Subtle tones, created by over-dyeing with gray, are referred to as “mouse” colors, and doesn’t sakuranezumi (cherry blossom mouse) have such a unique image?

While we might not have any mice on the kay me team, we’re looking forward to sharing our top pink picks with you…

One: enjoy as a dress


(Victory pink side gathered, Pink rose cache-coeur, Lovely tassel, Pink knit)

We’ve never met a pink dress we didn’t like… and there’s plenty to choose from on our online store! Pink also a reliably popular choice especially in store in Tokyo too, and with spring just around the corner there’s never been a better chance to explore your feminine side.

Choose from striking prints such as our Victory and Lovely Tassel designs, or opt for our thick and soft knit dress to keep you warm and cozy.

kay me stylists recommend pairing these pretty pink dresses with light-colored outerwear for maximum effect.

Two: blush in the office


(Pale pink ruffle cuff jacket, Pale pink mermaid skirt, Double layer chiffon, Strawberry macaron twist)

Bring pink into your work wardrobe this spring with our beautiful new pale pink suit with mermaid skirt and delicate ruffle cuff jacket design that mimics the look of petals and highlights your every action.

Our pink chiffon and macaron tops are an easy and versatile way to add an extra touch of pink to office outfits, and kay me stylists love pairing these pinks with navy, white and gray for striking looks. kay me founder Junko Kemi even likes to personally recommend pink for occasions when an apology is necessary!

Three: carry useful accessories


(Pink tassel tote, Pink silk wool, Pink cashmere butterfly)

Add an extra dimension to your outfits with our range of charming accessories, including original bags and hand-made scarves. For spring outings, our tote bag with pink tassel flower print is a great choice (and surprisingly roomy), pair with the matching pouches in three sizes for any occasion.

Narrowing down our selection of stoles exclusively made by expert craftspeople was a challenge for kay me stylists! Here we’ve chosen to highlight our simple pink gradation stole and incredibly soft pure cashmere stole in pink with crystal butterfly design, but don’t forget to check our full selection for scarves for any situation, to protect from the cold as well as damaging UV rays.

Looking for more outfit inspiration? Try filtering our categories by color!

Beautiful Blooms at kay me Ginza, Tokyo

While the weather is still a little chilly here in Tokyo, spring is definitely in the air – pretty plum blossoms are making their appearance in the parks, people are planning hanami (cherry blossom viewing) parties, and here at kay me we’re looking forward to putting away our winter knitwear until the autumn and getting out our beloved florals and prints for the coming season.

In the meantime, to cheer up kay me HQ on a rainy Monday, here’s a look at some of our favourite recent flower displays from kay me Ginza…



Each arrangement is handmade here in Ginza, and features seasonal colourful flowers that pair beautifully with kay me’s Japanese-inspired prints and patterns.




Those in the Chubu region of Japan, please note that you can now find kay me at Isetan Haus in Nagoya – see you there!

Spring Flowers in Japan

It’s a chilly February day here at kay me HQ in Tokyo, so what better time to take a quick look at beautiful spring flowers in Japan? With a few matching dresses, of course!

Plum Blossom (February to March)


One of the first spring flowers to be spotted, plum blossom can be found from February. With petals ranging from white through to deep pink, plum blossom is often overshadowed by its cherry cousin, but is certainly equally as charming and brings a smile to one’s face on cold days when spring warmth seems far away. You can find plum in parks across Tokyo and Japan.

Capture the vibrancy of plum flowers with our Amaranth dress in bold pink, in a cross-over style new for spring 2017. Let this dress shine on its own with minimal block-colour accessories in monochrome.

Cherry Blossom (March to April)


Perhaps Japan’s most famous flower, cherry blossom is known for its short-lived fluffy flowers in all shades of pink. Don’t miss out on Japan’s hanami (cherry blossom viewing) parties, and kay me recommends a stroll along Meguro river in Tokyo to see countless trees draping their boughs and blossoms in the water.

The perfect dress for spring occasions, our Cherry Flower dress was created with hanami in mind, great for spring events. Soft and feminine with a strong traditional Japanese kimono influence, style with a kay me jacket for more formal occasions.

Tulips (April to May)


A non-native flower, tulips have been growing in popularity in Japan, and with their bright colours and variations, it’s easy to see why these bulbs have captured imaginations. Gunma Flower Park in Gunma prefecture, north-east of Tokyo, is famous for its beautiful floral displays throughout the warmer months and nightly illuminations in winter.

Our Perfect Lila dress is a riot of floral petals and brushwork in cool blues and lilacs. A wonderful dress for the transitioning seasons, Lila can be worn with matching kay me jackets and knitwear and looks equally gorgeous with a simple string of pearls.

Wisteria (April to May)


Known for its delicate purple flowers and winding branches, wisteria trees have a long history in Japan and in artwork too. kay me recommends Tokyo-based wisteria hunters visit Kameido shrine (see how many turtles you can spot in the pond!), and those after a dramatic experience should head to Ashikaga in Tochigi prefecture.

Blend in with the flowers in our classic cache-coeur dress in violet, a deep purple that flatters many skin tones. Keep it spring-like with floral patterned accessories, or take a more urban approach with metallics and a kay me biker jacket.