Red dresses for day and night

Is there anything more striking than a red dress?

A guaranteed pick-me-up on any day of the week, take the plunge with our selection of red dresses in solid colors, original prints and knits, and see how the power of red brings a smile to your face.

kay me stylists have selected their top picks of our fully machine-washable Japan-made red dresses, and don’t forget that we offer free global shipping as standard too!

Solid color


Our solid color dresses are made from best-quality jersey blends that have been chosen for their rich tones, hardwearing nature and beautiful drape.

We’re on a mission to constantly improve and refine our designs, and each and every dress is the result of years of hard work from our atelier team as well as the expert craftspeople who hand-craft each and every kay me item here in Japan.

Choose red dresses in our signature gathered and cache-coeur styles, as well as our new loose-fitting red v-neck dress – pair with a kay me stretch waist belt to instantly change up your look.



Here at kay me, we like to think that we’re known for our original prints that are created specially for us by our partner design studio in London and finalized by our in-house team.

Explore our beautiful range of prints with our gorgeous Chinoiserie dress, complemented by the dramatic gathers of the dress pattern design, our hand-drawn floral Crayon Berry with fruits and flowers, geometric red Tricolor and autumnal Rice Shower print, both with hidden kay me logo for super-fans to enjoy.



Our super thick soft knits are perfect for chilly weather, and being fully machine washable means less hassle and more time for you to enjoy the more important things in life.

Our two red knit dresses feature wrist-length sleeves and pretty A-line skirts, with both v-neck and shallow round neck options. Expert panel lines create figure-flattering shape and structure, while the knit itself effortlessly skims the body.

kay me stylists suggest pairing with matching cardigans or our stretchy faux-leather riders jackets.

See even more red dresses on our category page when you filter by color!

Celebrating autumn color dresses

Autumn is here again, and it’s time to take a look at kay me stylists’ top selection of gorgeously seasonal dresses for fall…

Rice Shower series


Our beautiful Rice Shower original print is inspired by the effect of dappled sunlight seen through tree branches, and encapsulates the warmth of late summer days that lean seamlessly into the fall season.

Our Rice Shower dresses are available in red, green and navy, and look wonderful when paired with matching light and dark colors from the print. Wear with kay me classic tailored suit jackets for work, our stretchy riders jackets for weekends and layer up with cozy machine-washable knitwear.

Juicy color jersey series


Capturing the colors and flavors of the season, our soft and feminine jersey fabric fit-and-flare dresses are available in a range of colors to suit every style and occasion.

Choose from our superb range in colors including wine red, juicy purple grape and rich khaki. These dresses are also yours in a variety of patterns, such as our cache-coeur, square neck and Marilyn designs.

Fruits and florals


Always inspired by nature, our print designs also have a seasonal flavor all their own!

With a charming hand-drawn crayon print, our Crayon Berry dresses feature a gorgeous riot of flowers and berry in juicy reds and purples on a light background. kay me stylists recommend wearing this print with our Vitamin Cardigan series for an extra burst of color.

A more traditional floral in an unusual colorway, our Dramatic Yellow dress showcases a lovely flower garden inspired by tradition British designs in soft grays and purples on a harvest-like sunny yellow background. Pair with kay me stoles and knitwear for effortless elegance.

Finally, our Rose dress in side-gather pattern looks just like softly blooming flowers at the end of the autumn season. Rusty reds and muted tones are a perfect match with the warm off-white background, and this dress looks fantastic worn with layers in matching tones from the print.

Six little black dresses for work and weekends

You simply can’t go wrong with a little black dress…

With endless ways to style, from cardigans and sneakers at the weekend to pearls and high heels for formal events, the black dress is wardrobe workhorse that ensures and excellent CPW (cost per wear*) return.

Our beautiful selection of black dresses encompasses a variety of necklines, fits and sleeve lengths, so there’s something for everyone – and if you’re not a fan of black dresses, try filtering by color on our dress category page!

Keep reading for kay me stylists’ choice of our top 6 little black dresses…

Short sleeve – Square neck & Marilyn


Great for formal events during warmer weather, our black square neck dress features a generous ruching that simultaneously highlights and flatters the figure. The square neckline lends itself easily to pairing with any jacket or kay me cardigan, making this a truly versatile dress.

Put a swing in your step with our charming Marilyn dress in black, the generous flared skirt made to swish and sway with every movement, plus handy pockets for daily small essentials such as keys, business cards and even snacks.

Three-quarter sleeve – Cache-coeur


For a classic fit-and-flare look, our cache-coeur dress in black is hard to beat – designed with specially-placed seams to create a more flattering fit on the body, this dress has both a crossover bust and A-line flared skirt for extra impact.

Long sleeve – Gather & Side-gather


Our gather dresses are so easy to wear and give a touch of instant elegance to any ensemble. The stylish details and mermaid skirt of our black gather dress and black side-gather dress make for a feminine and grown-up dress that’s at home in any situation. Wear from autumn to spring, and know that your dress will carry you easily though the seasons.

Discover our side gather dress for an extra touch of elegance

* To calculate cost per wear, divide the price by the number of times the garment is worn – the lower the better!

Dating in style, with kay me

We’re in the mood for classic romance today at kay me, with all things soft, feminine and affectionate on our minds!

Our stylists have put together a short rundown of their favorite fabrics and styles for those out and about for a special evening or occasion. Of course, these suggestions are not limited only to dating – kay me team members love dressing up on every day of the week, whether we have something special planned or not, and wearing a particular favourite dress is a simple and stylish mood boost.

Read on for our top date-night selection…

Feminine fabrics


(Nuance Lace, Stretch Lace, Lovely Pink blouse, Dramatic Yellow)

What could be more lovely than chiffon and lace?

Our nuance lace dress features a wrap-style skirt that’s guaranteed not to come undone, making it perfect for perching on bar stools or wearing on breezy days. If you’re heading straight from the office to an outing with your significant other, our stretch lace dress and Lovely Pink chiffon blouse make it easy to switch from day to night without compromising on style.

A different colorway to our Lovely Pink, our Dramatic Yellow dress has beautiful stretch chiffon frills at the neck and on the shoulder, with a subtle mermaid-line skirt that sways with every movement.

Flirty florals


(Chinoiserie, Crayon Berry ribbon, Rose side gather, Lovely Pink gather)

Our gorgeous range of florals in pinks and reds are a great choice for any special event, and as they’re machine washable too there’s no need to worry about accidental wine spills or sauce drips!

Made with specially insulating fabric technology, our Chinoiserie and Rose gather dresses will keep you cozy no matter the weather, great for air-conditioned spaces and cool nights.

Will you choose pastels or bright colors? Our new Crayon Berry dress combines rich fruity tones with a white background, while our Lovely Pink print features a rainbow of pretty pastel shades.

Bold and beautiful


(Cherry Pink ribbon, Royal Blue square neck, Emerald Green square neck, Saxe Blue ribbon)

kay me loves color, and our fabulous customers do too!

Dive in to our wonderful range of bold and bright colors, in super saturated tones. kay me uses best-quality jersey fabrics that keep their color for longer, meaning you get a better return on your cost-per-wear factor.

Choose from cool blues and greens and juicy pinks and reds – there’s plenty more to discover on our solid color category page!

These versatile dresses can quickly dressed up with our Japan-made knitwear and hand-crafted bags, or simply paired with suit jackets for a more formal look.

No matter if you’re heading out to a restaurant, to a cafe with friends, or just want to feel a little extra glamorous on a Wednesday, kay me has you covered!

A kay me rainbow – color for everyone!

We’re no strangers to color here at kay me, from pretty prints to solid tones, and saturated hues to pastels.

Color can be used to boost your mood and motivation, to inspire yourself and others and to non-verbally communicate with the world around you.

All kay me items are machine-washable, and we use special patented printing and dyeing techniques to make sure our prints stay sharp and our colors stay stronger for longer.

Today on the kay me blog we’re diving in to our very own rainbow, with plenty of vibrant rich colors to encourage you to take the plunge with your own closet…

Reds and pinks


(Red gather, Red Aztec cache-coeur, Pink ribbon, Pink dot gather)

Dramatic and gorgeous, fun and feminine: red and pinks capture such a huge range of emotion and connotation that it would take up most of a thesaurus!

To make a statement in these colors, choose from our geometric prints, such as our original Aztec and classic polka dots, and bright solid tones with flattering silhouettes like our waist gathered and ribbon styles.

Yellows and oranges


(Orange Marilyn, Mustard frill docking, Dramatic Yellow Marilyn, Lemon gather)

Bring a touch of sunshine into your day with our bold summery tones. Prints include our fabulous Dramatic Yellow floral with contrasting violet flourishes, and our sharp and citrusy Lemon print gather dress.

For work-friendly options, our frill docking dress in mustard is toned-down enough for the office while still bringing a rich color to the table.

Greens and blues


(Fresh Lime daily, Emerald Green square neck, Aquarium Marilyn, Marine Stripe Marilyn)

Step into nature with our lush green and blue dresses. Inspired by the nature surrounding us in Japan, our prints showcased here feature original florals in our new square neck dress design, and our stunning Aquarium print that captures the intersection of light and water.

Don’t miss our chic Marine Stripe dress, with the elegant A-line skirt perfectly displaying the random stripe design in classic navy and white.

To discover even more beautiful colors from kay me, try using the drop-down menus to filter by color…

Don’t forget that kay me offers everyone free global shipping as standard, so make today your chance to fall in love with your new favorite kay me dress!

The most versatile dresses you’ll meet

Time and time again, our fabulous jersey dresses are the star of the show! Don’t get us wrong, we’re certainly no strangers to prints and patterns, but the simple jersey dress in a bold and bright single color is a wardrobe workhorse that is the foundation of kay me’s core values of comfort, stretch, washable and easy to coordinate.

Join us as we take a look at the first part of our new jersey collection, with even more new colors set to be released over the next few weeks…

Marilyn dresses


Flirty and feminine, the flared skirt of our Marilyn dress looks just perfect with the built-in gathered belt that looks like a ribbon.

Like all our jersey dresses, our Marilyn style is so comfortable to wear every day for any occasion: pair with a tailored jacket and our business bag for easy office elegance, with our indigo riders jacket and tote bag for weekends on the go, or with our Japan-made knitwear and large pouch for an eye-catching twist on a classic style.

Available in orange, navy and khaki.

Ribbon dresses


Be the belle of the ball in our pretty ribbon dress with hand-gathered bust twist detail.

A compact style that hugs the figure and creates the illusion of length with a slightly higher bustline, our ribbon dress looks just as charming paired with our stylish knit bolero as with a sharp jacket for office cool any day of the week. Choose from our wide range of suit jackets in many colors to easily create new looks.

Available in cherry pink, navy and sax blue.

Square neck gather dresses


A new style for 2019, our square neck gather dresses bring a touch of retro chic to our high tech easy-care fabrics. The strong square neckline contrasts beautifully with the soft side draping for a special and surprisingly versatile look.

Wear our new dresses with everything from long cardigans to knitwear in bold and bright colors. Contrast colors for an extra boost to your mood on rushed mornings – simply zip up the the dress, pop on a cardigan and you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Available in royal blue, navy and black.

Take a look at our fantastic matrix to pinpoint your new favorite dress:


Don’t forget, if you’re still searching for your dream kay me dress, you can try our custom order service!

Three challenging colours and how to wear them

Here at kay me in the atelier, in our shops around Japan and of course online, you can find our beautifully handmade dresses in every colour of the rainbow. From warm red and orange through cool green and blue, our dresses are available in solid colours and well as our original prints and patterns.

As much as we love this rainbow of choices, needless to say that some colours are easier to wear than others – how many people would pick classic navy over bold yellow for a day in the office? How about for a weekend on town, or a vacation overseas?

Today we take a look at three of the most challenging colours, based on feedback from our Japanese customers, and find new ways to step into style…

One: Yellow


(Yellow dalmatian peplum, Jupiter 100% silk)

Vibrant, energetic and sunny… as much as we love all shades of yellow, worries about looking too pale or ill can hold us back from embracing this powerful colour.

For our Yellow dalmatian peplum dress, we chose to pick out the white background of the print and pair this stunning dress with our beautiful artisan handmade scarf. Wrap over the shoulders to create a more subtle look.

In a similar way, we paired the rich gold tones of our 100% silk Jupiter dress with a simple cache-coeur knit top, creating the look of a top and skirt.

Two: Green


(Pothos blousing, Coffee beans daily)

Earthy, cool and natural… shades of green can be the jewel in your wardrobe with just a little styling!

Our Pothos blousing dress features a printed floral top in shades of green and white with a contrasting black skirt. Highlight the brights with a white jacket that focuses attention on your face, or wear with a black jacket that perfectly matches the skirt and shows off just a hint of green underneath.

Our new Coffee Beans daily dress is a must for caffeine fans, with rich brown and light beige against cool teal. For spring and summer, wear with a white jacket for the office or our elegant white parker for days out and about.

Three: White


(Pure white lace peplum, white bi-colour shirtdress)

Pure, soft and fresh… white is a lovely choice for summer, but white skirts and dresses are always a magnet for mysterious stains and splotches. However, fear white no longer with our hard-wearing fabrics – machine washable, drip-dry and non-iron, wear and wash our whites again and again.

Working with white, we paired our bi-colour shirt dress with a black jacket that highlights the striking contrasting colours of the design.

For a more muted look, we topped our white lace peplum dress with a light beige jacket for a soft look that is feminine and professional.


Have you been inspired to wear a more challenging colour? Find your new favourite dress, with free global shipping and customs charges included.

kay me Colours for Autumn and Winter 2017

Here at kay me HQ, we love choosing which colours to focus on for each season. As always, we’re very inspired by Japan, and the changing seasons allow us to explore both trendy and favourite colours.


Our pretty shades for autumn and winter 2017 are a great way to expand your wardrobe in a thoughtful way, as each pair well not only with each other but also with other neutrals, solid colours and prints.



Many of our kay me best-sellers are navy, and it’s no surprise – this versatile dark blue pairs beautifully with white and cream for the summer and with caramel and pink for a splash of autumnal colour. This season brings our lovely A-line coat in navy wool, as well as our popular stretchy suits in rich wool, and new prints too.

Discover our navy dresses and navy items.



Bold and bright or pretty and pastel? At kay me, we’re always in the pink and we’ve got you covered with florals and geometric prints, as well as solid colour dresses that are just as great for the morning commute as well as for evening events with just a quick accessories change. Autumn will find both lipstick pinks and soft pastels coming soon.

See all pink dresses.



From knitwear to princess coat-dresses, and from silver to dark charcoal, there’s a grey for everyone. Grey doesn’t have to be cold: wear with navy and rich bordeaux for warmth or white and lilac for cool beauty. Add a kay me Select scarf and warm underdress for extra layers on chilly days.

Click here for grey dresses and knitwear.