kay me’s Marriage

For our recent event “The Marriage of Wine, Italian Cuisine, and kay me Dresses”, one of Tokyo’s top chefs, Daisuke Itagaki, was given several of our stylists’ favorite kay me dresses and items to take as inspiration for producing experimental dishes.

For each dish, a sommelier specially selected the perfect wine to be enjoyed with the delicious food and kay me’s artisan-made clothing.

Read on to learn more about the pairing of food and fashion…



Dish: Chilled flan with caviar

Wine: Sparkling wine from Burgundy, France

“The first impression I had from this outfit was “caviar”. The deep hue and warmth of the sturgeon fish’s gray color inspired me to add caviar alongside the chilled flan.”

kay me coordinating items:

Charcoal Gray Milano Rib Top

Charcoal Gray Knit Long Skirt




Dish: Gorgeously vibrant bagna càuda

Wine: Sparkling wine from Burgundy, France

“From this outfit, I imagined a relaxing getaway to an onsen, Japanese hot spring baths. Gathering inspiration from the hot springs, I chose to create a bagna càuda, a dipping sauce served warm.”

kay me coordinating items:

Baby Blue Soft Hoodie

Charcoal Gray Knit Long Skirt

Navy Two-Way Business Bag




Dish: Seafood quiche

Wine: White wine from Loire Valley, France

“My first thought that came to mind when I saw this outfit was “oceanic”. From that, I was inspired to make a quiche including a variety of seafoods.”

kay me coordinating items:

Sapphire Lip Side Gathered Dress

Silver Pouch (large)

Pink Silk Wool Scarf




Dish: Milano-style cutlet sandwich with wild arugula

Wine: Red wine from Italy

“The first impression I had with this outfit was “the working women of Milano, Italy”. From this inspiration, I decided to create a Milano-style cutlet sandwich.”

kay me coordinating items:

Victory Black Side Gathered Dress

Snow Gray Kanazawa Short Cardigan

Taupe Two-Way Business Bag




Dish: Gorgonzola cheese canapé with hundred-flower honey

Wine: White wine from Southwest France

“My initial thought from this outfit was “blooming flowers”. I took inspiration from this and made a dish that incorporated “hundred-flower honey”, which is honey that is produced from a variety of beautiful flowers.”

kay me coordinating item:

Rose Side Gathered Dress


Many thanks to our fantastic chef and sommelier for providing kay me guests not only with an evening of wonderful wine and food, but also inspiration for kay me outfits and beyond.

Don’t forget that kay me offers free global shipping as standard, so you can enjoy your life with kay me by your side!

Event Report: kay me talk show with andu amet’s Hiroko Samejima


Long time kay me blog readers might remember our wonderful interview with andu amet founder Hiroko Samejima.

Hiroko founded andu amet in 2012, a high-end brand specialising in producing luxury handbags made in Ethiopia by locally trained and supported artisans, using quality Ethiopian sheepskin.

kay me stylist Yoko gives us a glimpse into our recent talk show held at our Shinjuku store and members club, with Hiroko in conversation with kay me founder Junko Kemi…


Hi everyone, it’s Yoko from kay me Shinjuku!

Lat month we held a special talk event with andu amet founder Hiroko. Prior to the talk show, andu amet items were on show here at our Shinjuku store and guests could touch for themselves the super soft sheepskin and see all the lovely colours and designs. All the kay me stylists and I were so excited.

For the event, we prepared drinks and nibbles and Junko Kemi even specially selected which wine to serve!

As we don’t use a podium for our talks, the speaker and audience are closer, creating a more connected atmosphere.


Hiroko gave us great insight into working as a founder and manager in Ethiopia and shared a lot of advice.

We received a lot of questions, and time flew by!

As part of the audience, I felt so lucky to hear this talk session between two designs and founders.

I think many people are now considering entrepreneurship!

After the event, Hiroko and Junko both exchanged business cards and networked with the audience, and as a stylist I loved pairing kay me items with andu amet accessories.


Our next session with a new guest speaker will be at the end of March, and I can’t wait!

Until next time… Yoko.

Shinjuku Store Opening Event

Hello everyone, this is kay me founder Junko Kemi. I’d like to share with you a little about our new Shinjuku store which opened on Saturday 1st July. 

It was such a pleasure to celebrate the opening party with our customers!


Since I started kay me in 2011 just six years have passed, and our new Shinjuku Sanchome store is now our 7th shop in Japan.

As well as the new store, we’ve also opened kay me CLUB at the same location, specially for members. It seems to be very popular, so I’m over the moon.


For the past month and half, I’ve been rushed off my feet selecting furniture, working on the interior design and building a new team. I’m so grateful to everyone and happy that the opening was so well received.


We’ve also just launched kay me SELECT, our new line of items produced by global artisans. Our first collection of beautiful scarves featuring elegant floral French lace. Customers at the opening party were able to try these luxurious scarves for themselves. There’s a different colour to suit everyone!


Thanks again to everyone who made our event so special – come and visit our new Shinjuku store again soon!

Until next time… Junko.

International Women’s Day at kay me

On March 8th, we gathered the kay me HQ team at our Ginza store in Tokyo for a special group photo to commemorate International Women’s Day.


As a company founded by and for women, the team wanted to celebrate all the women involved in kay me, from Junko Kemi’s original vision of stylish, comfortable and easy to care for workwear, to the artisans who hand-made every single kay me item, to the team behind the label and of course of our wonderful customers who continue to support kay me.


March 8th is also known as “mimosa day” in Japan, after the Italian tradition of giving mimosa flowers to show appreciation for women. kay me Ginza also had a lovely display of these bright yellow flowers to honour the day.

kay me Executive Mentorship Program

Hi! This is Natsumi, intern from kay me.

I’m here to report a mentoring brunch event on 17th Dec (Sat)!!

As you may know, kay me Ginza has been hosting monthly business events this year to communicate with our customers in various exciting ways.

So for our December theme, we decided to pick up “kay me Executive Mentorship Program,” a career event that Tokyo-based businesswomen share career hints with students from Waseda University, a leading private university in Japan.

We kicked off the event on a beautiful Saturday morning with our variety of welcome drinks and snacks, and delightful Christmas music.

Mentors who have a lot of experience as executive women answered to insightful questions (e.g. Work Life Balance, difficulties in the office and some tips for job hunting etc…) from Waseda students, and after all the talks, they enjoyed kay me dress-choosing game – they were given 2 scenarios and mentors helped pick the perfect dress for each mentee!

We were so happy to see all beautiful smiles and their confidence in kay me dress…

We really appreciate all the passion and energy from both mentors and mentees, and we look forward to welcoming everyone again.

Xoxo… Natsumi


Hear kay me’s Junko Kemi – London and the Philippians

13226832_10209145546945410_6744640516909169720_nOn Wednesday November 23rd, Junko Kemi will be speaking at AJWELP, the ASEAN-Japan Women Entrepreneurs’ Linkage Program. Junko will be taking part in a panel talk session and sharing wisdom about her experiences as an entrepreneur in Japan. Learn more here.

On Monday 5th December, Junko will be presenting “Creating My Brand: Fashion Entrepreneurship in Japan and the UK” at the Daiwa Foundation in London, and will discuss her transition from the corporate to the creative world as well as similarities between British and Japanese business practices. Click here to book your place.

kay me’s Junko Kemi on BBC Radio London


On kay me founder and lead designer Junko Kemi’s recent trip to London, she was over the moon to be asked to appear as a guest on Jo Good’s show at BBC Radio London.

You can listen to the full show here*, and Junko’s interview starts at 2:05:10.

Many thanks to Jo and the BBC Radio London team for their kind hospitality and interest in kay me and Junko’s unique story.

* Available on BBC iPlayer until mid-September 2016.

Junko Kemi in London, Autumn 2016

Instant elegance with day-long comfort”, designed and handmade in Japan for professionals by professionals

junko01Meet with Junko Kemi, CEO and lead designer, for a personal introduction to kay me. Drinks and light food will be included with each appointment, and a hand-selected range of dresses will be available. Learn more about Junko’s unique story and see kay me quality for yourself.

Time: To be confirmed – please register interest.

Destination: 2 minutes from Aldgate station (Circle and Metropolitan lines).

Contact: shop@kayme.co.uk

kayme.co.uk Facebook: kaymelondon Twitter: @kaymetokyo Instagram: kaymetokyo #kayme

Try Before You Buy, Now in London

Live or work in central London? Too busy to go shopping? kay me has you covered – we’ll bring the shop to you!

kay me’s central London free “try before you buy” delivery service is now launching for a limited time from 8th to 13th August 2016.

Try on kay me’s ready-for-business and kimono inspired wrap dresses at your office or in the comfort of your own home. Everything handmade just for you in Japan…


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