Celebrating Ohanami in Japan

Known for their four distinct seasons, Japan celebrates each seasonal passing by observing nature closely. One of the most popular seasons for tourists to visit Japan is during the springtime when the cherry blossom trees bloom. This magnificent scene has become one of the most popular symbols that Japan is known by. Like tourists, native people of Japan also hold cherry blossoms close to their hearts and celebrate the blooms each year by holding ‘ohanami’, or cherry blossom viewing, events. During ohanami, people gather under blooming cherry blossom trees and enjoy a small potluck-style banquet full of delicious food and drinks.

There are many ways to safely celebrate cherry blossom season this year, including staying home and having your own personal Ohanami! Here are a few ways people in Japan are celebrating this cherry blossom season.

Sakura Mochi

Sakura Mochi

A popular way to celebrate cherry blossom season in Japan is indulging in sakura-themed desserts! From macarons to doughnuts, well-known western desserts are infused with sakura flavoring and arranged to look like soft pink petals. For a more traditional taste, we recommend trying sakura mochi, a wagashi enjoyed in the spring that consists of red bean paste wrapped in pink mochi, enveloped in pickled cherry blossom leaves. This cultural dessert can be easily recreated at home, and is a popular pastime that is enjoyed by families, especially with young children. When making these traditional sweets with family or friends, we recommend wearing something comfortable, easy to wash and wear in and out the house, like our new Stretch Air Denim Pants, paired with your favorite top!


The different stages of a sakura bonsai tree in bloom

This spring, a popular trend that can be observed at many flower shops across Japan is the increased demand of “personal” sakura trees, which come in the form of branches or even small bonsai trees. This new trend, called ‘ouchi hanami’ (ouchi=home) is exactly how it sounds! Many people in Japan decorate their homes with these sakura trees and have small banquets with people within their home, or even by themselves.

Another tradition that comes with cherry blossom season is Yozakura, meaning night sakura. During the season, many gardens and parks illuminate special pathways for people to observe the sakura trees during the night. This magical and romantic sight is most popular to visit amongst couples of all ages. Like ouchi hanami, another trend on the rise is ouchi yozakura. Many couples are choosing to celebrate at home and having an indoor date night surrounded by softly illuminated cherry blossoms, complete with delicious food and drinks, and dressing up for the occasion. When dressing for your yozakura date, we recommend wearing a charming floral print dress to match the theme, like our Red Aroma Andalusia with its striking red and blue colors to complement the backdrop. Pair with a White Knit Bolero to dress up the style and soften the print!

Celebrate in Pink!

Cherry blossoms may not be available in certain areas, but that does not mean that the season cannot be celebrated. By simply incorporating sakura-colored items with your favorite outfits, you can bring this special season to those around you! For the full effect, wrap yourself in our Lavender Flight Dress. Perfect to wear out on a walk or to relax in at home, with a soft pink floral print that encapsulates the spring mood.

Or for a subtle pop of fresh spring color, add a few of our favorite sakura-colored items such as the Peach Crew-Neck Cardigan and the Champagne Pink 29 Pocket Wallet Bag. These two items feature the absolute perfect shade of soft pastel pink, much like delicate cherry blossom petals.

As the cherry blossoms bloom, it symbolizes the start of a new chapter along with new challenges. We wish you a safe and beautiful ohanami with these new ideas in mind to start off the season.

For more things pink, see our full range or get some Japanese-style inspiration with our Modern Kimono collection, with all our items made in Japan by our skilled artisans for a piece of Japanese craftsmanship you can take and wear with you.

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