Dessert-inspired Valentine’s Day Looks

As one of the sweetest holidays of the year approaches, many pâtisseries in Japan roll up their sleeves to create delicate, yet dazzling cakes and pastries for people to share with their loved ones.

Each pastry is created not only to look beautiful, but to be just as delicious and balanced in flavor and aromatics, much like kay me dresses. Our Made in Japan dresses are crafted by the hands of skilled artisans to not only look stunning, but to provide lasting comfort.

For Valentine’s Day this year, we have taken inspiration from the most popular desserts in Japan and created looks based on each dessert. Here are a few of the most popular cakes in Japan, and kay me dresses that are just as sweet:

Strawberry Shortcake:

In Japan, strawberry shortcake is one of the most popular desserts loved by all, and it is no surprise why. The light and airy whipped cream with fresh strawberries are delicately constructed between layers of soft, velvety sponge cake.  This cake is sweet, yet refreshing, just like our Pink Dot Gather Dress.

This playful dress features an elegant mermaid-line silhouette and an adorable polka-dot print, which even look like piped whipped cream!

Mont Blanc:

In Japan, Mont Blanc is served in a unique fashion compared to the traditional Italian dessert where the whipped cream is served on top. A buttery tarte layer is placed at the base, followed by a dollop of chestnut mousse. Then, chestnut purée is delicately piped around the mousse, giving its iconic mountain-like shape, finished with a light layer of powdered sugar. In contrast to the complex layering, the cake is subtle in sweetness, and the earthy flavor of the chestnut brings cozy comfort with every bite, which is reminiscent of our Mocha Beans Marilyn Dress.

The subtle Coffee Bean Print is met with the robust espresso background, balancing the two shades to make the perfect sweetness. Choose a Beige kay me Cardigan to pair with this graceful dress for wonderfully cozy comfort, like the mont blanc.

Gâteau au Chocolat :

Taking inspiration from this dessert, the Pink Circle X Black Asymmetry Dress is a wonderful selection that beautifully displays each element working harmoniously.

This gorgeous stretch docking dress features a flirty raspberry-colored geometric pattern, contrasted by a sleek black wrap-style skirt. By incorporating the two fabrics, the dress balances the playful print with the industrious black skirt, adding versatility and chic polish. This dress can also be paired with a matching kay me jacket to create an instant suit-like appearance!

For more romantic styles in the same print, also see Pink Circle I-line Tuck Dress with its gorgeous bodice tucks or our classic Pink Circle Gather Dress with its mermaid-line flared skirt.

Matcha Tiramisu

In Japan, many pâtisseries have taken inspiration from tiramisu and have recreated it with a cultural twist by using traditional matcha in place of espresso and cocoa.

The striking green matcha contrasts the creme gorgeously, both visually and in flavor. The bitter undertone and grassy notes uplifts the creamy mascarpone layering, providing complex yet delicate balance; a key feature of traditional Japanese desserts. Like the matcha tiramisu, our stunning Hyakka Gather Dress and Kazehana Gather Dress perfectly balances modern with culture by incorporating a traditional kimono inspired pattern onto a fit & flare dress.

This breathtaking pattern was created by a top designer from London, and made using the traditional skill of “Gara-tori” by artisans in Japan. The design of the dress emphasizes a feminine hourglass figure, and makes it perfect for any special occasion!

Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day this year in a fun, unique way by styling your own kay me outfit inspired by your favorite dessert? Order in some special sweets for loved ones, and of course for yourself, to enjoy at home.  Do not worry about dropping crumbs or spilling your after-dessert coffee on these dresses, as they are all machine-washable!

See more of our date-ready dresses here, each crafted by our artisans in Japan with free worldwide shipping available to any destination.

Have a Happy Valentine’s!

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