Dating in style, with kay me

We’re in the mood for classic romance today at kay me, with all things soft, feminine and affectionate on our minds!

Our stylists have put together a short rundown of their favorite fabrics and styles for those out and about for a special evening or occasion. Of course, these suggestions are not limited only to dating – kay me team members love dressing up on every day of the week, whether we have something special planned or not, and wearing a particular favourite dress is a simple and stylish mood boost.

Read on for our top date-night selection…

Feminine fabrics


(Nuance Lace, Stretch Lace, Lovely Pink blouse, Dramatic Yellow)

What could be more lovely than chiffon and lace?

Our nuance lace dress features a wrap-style skirt that’s guaranteed not to come undone, making it perfect for perching on bar stools or wearing on breezy days. If you’re heading straight from the office to an outing with your significant other, our stretch lace dress and Lovely Pink chiffon blouse make it easy to switch from day to night without compromising on style.

A different colorway to our Lovely Pink, our Dramatic Yellow dress has beautiful stretch chiffon frills at the neck and on the shoulder, with a subtle mermaid-line skirt that sways with every movement.

Flirty florals


(Chinoiserie, Crayon Berry ribbon, Rose side gather, Lovely Pink gather)

Our gorgeous range of florals in pinks and reds are a great choice for any special event, and as they’re machine washable too there’s no need to worry about accidental wine spills or sauce drips!

Made with specially insulating fabric technology, our Chinoiserie and Rose gather dresses will keep you cozy no matter the weather, great for air-conditioned spaces and cool nights.

Will you choose pastels or bright colors? Our new Crayon Berry dress combines rich fruity tones with a white background, while our Lovely Pink print features a rainbow of pretty pastel shades.

Bold and beautiful


(Cherry Pink ribbon, Royal Blue square neck, Emerald Green square neck, Saxe Blue ribbon)

kay me loves color, and our fabulous customers do too!

Dive in to our wonderful range of bold and bright colors, in super saturated tones. kay me uses best-quality jersey fabrics that keep their color for longer, meaning you get a better return on your cost-per-wear factor.

Choose from cool blues and greens and juicy pinks and reds – there’s plenty more to discover on our solid color category page!

These versatile dresses can quickly dressed up with our Japan-made knitwear and hand-crafted bags, or simply paired with suit jackets for a more formal look.

No matter if you’re heading out to a restaurant, to a cafe with friends, or just want to feel a little extra glamorous on a Wednesday, kay me has you covered!

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