A kay me rainbow – color for everyone!

We’re no strangers to color here at kay me, from pretty prints to solid tones, and saturated hues to pastels.

Color can be used to boost your mood and motivation, to inspire yourself and others and to non-verbally communicate with the world around you.

All kay me items are machine-washable, and we use special patented printing and dyeing techniques to make sure our prints stay sharp and our colors stay stronger for longer.

Today on the kay me blog we’re diving in to our very own rainbow, with plenty of vibrant rich colors to encourage you to take the plunge with your own closet…

Reds and pinks


(Red gather, Red Aztec cache-coeur, Pink ribbon, Pink dot gather)

Dramatic and gorgeous, fun and feminine: red and pinks capture such a huge range of emotion and connotation that it would take up most of a thesaurus!

To make a statement in these colors, choose from our geometric prints, such as our original Aztec and classic polka dots, and bright solid tones with flattering silhouettes like our waist gathered and ribbon styles.

Yellows and oranges


(Orange Marilyn, Mustard frill docking, Dramatic Yellow Marilyn, Lemon gather)

Bring a touch of sunshine into your day with our bold summery tones. Prints include our fabulous Dramatic Yellow floral with contrasting violet flourishes, and our sharp and citrusy Lemon print gather dress.

For work-friendly options, our frill docking dress in mustard is toned-down enough for the office while still bringing a rich color to the table.

Greens and blues


(Fresh Lime daily, Emerald Green square neck, Aquarium Marilyn, Marine Stripe Marilyn)

Step into nature with our lush green and blue dresses. Inspired by the nature surrounding us in Japan, our prints showcased here feature original florals in our new square neck dress design, and our stunning Aquarium print that captures the intersection of light and water.

Don’t miss our chic Marine Stripe dress, with the elegant A-line skirt perfectly displaying the random stripe design in classic navy and white.

To discover even more beautiful colors from kay me, try using the drop-down menus to filter by color…

Don’t forget that kay me offers everyone free global shipping as standard, so make today your chance to fall in love with your new favorite kay me dress!

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