Three quick ways to elevate your style

If you’ve been feeling in a style rut recently then now is the best time to take charge and change things up as we move into the summer months. Refreshing your wardrobe doesn’t have to be a challenge, and with our specially selected easy care materials, taking care of the clothing you doesn’t have to be a chore either.

kay me stylists put their heads together and came up with three easy tricks for updating your look…


(Navy daily, polka dot (restocking soon!), navy cubic wrap, indigo goldfish waist-gathered)

Solid to print

Instead of going for a plain colour, pick out a print. From florals to geometrics and authentic Japanese imagery, there’s plenty to fall in love with.

Stylist tip: if you’re feeling unsure, choose a pattern with a base of your favourite colour.


(Pink peplum, comet drape, Caroline twist, amaranth ribbon)

Pastel or bright

If you usually reach for dark colours then try the equivalent in a lighter or more pastel tone. At the other end of the spectrum if you commonly wear soft shades, how about trying a bolder and more saturated version?

Stylist tip: pair bright colours with light jackets for extra impact.


(Indigo denim sacknavy daily, mist grey scarf, fiesta rose scarf)

Add a scarf

Perhaps our favourite trick, and the easiest way to elevate any outfit! Take a look at our kay me Select scarves, ethically handmade exclusively by artisans working in India, and don’t forget to try a few of our stylish ways to tie scarves.

Stylist tip: contrasting or complimentary colours – each creates a totally different look.

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