How to create your own office uniform

Dressing for the Monday to Friday life is just another task for some, no matter how much you love style and clothing, and creating your own version of a work uniform can help ease the morning stress.

Read on for kay me stylists’ tips and our examples…


Find your favourites

On a busy day, what’s the outfit you reach for first? The one that makes you feel comfortable and stylish, putting your best foot forward and ready to take on whatever comes your way. This forms the backbone of your new uniform – why waste time with anything else.


If you’re having trouble with this step, then ask yourself a few key questions: do you prefer dresses or separates? Which colours form the majority of your closet? Solid colours are easier to wear together, but if you’re a fan of prints such as polka dots, florals or stripes, then let those guide your choices.

Seasonal styles

How seasonal are your choices? Is your uniform suitable for both colder and hotter months? How can you adapt your clothing to meet your needs?

Okay, that’s a lot of questions to start with, but these are important considerations. Seasonal coordinations might mean swapping skirt for trousers in similar colours, thicker stockings and warm underdresses in winter in the northern hemisphere, and looser tops with airy scarves in warmer months.


Multiples and Variations

A uniform isn’t a uniform if everything it totally different – but how you create your structure is up to you.

For example, if the core of your new uniform is a navy dress and matching jacket, then one option would be other navy dresses and jackets in various fabrics – consider our navy drape dress or pure wool jacket. For variety, you might prefer kay me cache-coeur dresses in navy polka dot or prints paired with similar jackets in white, grey or beige.


Wash and wear

For many, while the idea of a work uniform really appeals, the greatest stumbling block is washing. Needless to say, all kay me items are machine washable, drip-dry and non-iron, as well being crease-resistant. Our fabrics have been specially selected to work with you all day long, and as every piece is handmade right here in Japan we’re involved in the whole production process from start to finish.


Ready to create your own uniform?

For office-ready outfits, take a look at our super suits category, and for dresses in every colour of the rainbow, discover all kay me dresses here.

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