Pretty Pearl Accessories, from kay me

Fans of kay me will remember our handmade in Japan pearl accessories that launched last year and proved very popular here in Tokyo. Light as air, weighing less than 25 grams total, the secret is balsa wood hand-carved and painted to look just like real pearls.

Our second round of pearl jewellery is on sale now, and join us as we take a closer look…




A tiny touch of blushing pink brings out the best in our angel pink pearls, available in both short and long-length necklaces. Our short necklace sits just under the collarbones and looks great with a turtleneck or plunging V-neck, while our long necklace can be worn as a single strand or doubled for a fresh look.

Adding a new dimension is our double strand of pearls in classical gold, featuring super light balsa wood pearls in gold, bronze and off-white for a look that’s instantly elegant when paired with any plain coloured dress or top.

All kay me necklaces have a quick-release catch for easy wear.



Why choose between long earrings and studs when you can have both? Our new angel pink two-way earrings combine a balsa wood pearl and inlaid crystal jewel with a delicate chain and pearl drop. Wear as a pair of simple studs or dangling earrings, or one of each!

Our hoop earrings have been specially designed to match our classical gold necklace, and also feature our stunning balsa wood pearls in bronze, gold and off-white on a simple hoop.

Equally stylish with hair up or down, long or short, kay me earrings are light and easy to wear.


Add the finishing touch to your kay me outfit with our new pearl jewellery, and see more accessories here.

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