Japanese spring sweets

Those familiar with Japanese cuisine will know well that there’s much more to traditional Japanese food than sushi and cute candy! Today on the kay me blog, we’re taking a closer look at wagashi (Japanese sweets) for the spring season.


Sakura mochi – pink-coloured rice cake wrapped in salted cherry leaf

With styles differing between Tokyo and Kyoto, nonetheless sakura (cherry blossom) mochi is perhaps the most iconic spring sweet to be found at this time of year. The soft pink sweetness contrasts with the salted cherry leaf for a unique balanced flavour.

Sakura dango – steamed bun with bean paste, some with cherry blossom decoration

Another cherry blossom-themed sweet, sakura dango are soft and delicious, a seasonal sweet that pairs perfectly with a simple cup of green tea.

Hishi mochi – pink ,white and green layered mochi

Often used purely as a decorative offering for Hina matsuri, some hishi mochi are edible too. Layers of pink, white and green mochi capture the subtle pastel colours of the season.

Higashi – dry sweets made from flour or sugar paste in different shapes

There are many different types of higashi, but the sweet sugary variety are a favourite of the kay me team! The first bite is truly with the eye – look out for seasonal shapes and colours all year round, with cherry blossom for spring.

Of course we couldn’t resist pairing some of our favourite dresses with these pretty sweets…


(Toki Michelle 100% silk dress, Peony wrap, Comet drape dress, Optical Pink dress)

From traditional Japanese motifs to classic florals and retro prints, we’ve a got a pink dress to match your spring event.

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