kay me in the media – Japan

As well as a whole host of international media, kay me has also been featured in plenty of domestic Japanese papers and magazines too.

Keep reading for a small taste of kay me’s Japanese media presence…


Nikkei Newspaper

With its professional analysis and deep insight, NIKKEI newspaper is renowned not only in Japan but globally as well.

Encompassing a variety of media and welcoming Financial Times to its group in July 2015, as a leading economic newspaper it has been constantly evolving since it was founded in 1867.

kay me was featured in the newspaper on 29th August 2015 as part of a special issue on business women’s wardrobe, and broadcasted on World Business Satellite in 2016, focusing on our global business expansion.

Women’s New Business Competition

The “Women’s New Business Competition” was launched by Development Bank of Japan Inc., (DBJ) in 2011.

With the core aim of “fostering new business by women as growing business that can make a positive change to society and economy,” DBJ has supported award winners by giving out subsidy for business to realise their business plan.

The founder of kay me, Junko Kemi proudly received “Award for the Best Female Entrepreneur” on 21st June 2016 – visitors to kay me HQ can see this award among others on display in the main office.


WWD Japan

WWD JAPAN, published by INFAS Publications Inc., is the Japanese version of US Fairchild’s WWD (Women’s Wear Daily), a globally-recognised fashion magazine. It is the only fashion weekly magazine in Japan, and shares all the latest information on fashion business and trendy news every week.

kay me was featured on 27th July 2015, including our brand information and introduction to our future business plans.

Seihoku no Kaze

Once a year, Waseda University gives out its PR brochure, “Seihoku no Kaze” (Northwest Wind – named after the location in northwest Tokyo where the university was originally founded) to its graduates.

As well as sharing the news of the year, the brochure also introduces Waseda almuni who are now taking active roles in various fields.

The founder of kay me, Junko Kemi graduated from Waseda University in 2000, founded maojian works Inc., a consulting firm in 2007, and then launched her own fashion brand kay me in 2011.

Junko is on the special list of Waseda graduates in Seihoku no Kaze, published on 1st September 2015.

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