Packing for Holiday Travel with kay me

Everyone loves a summer getaway, whether you’re heading for the cool Karuizawa countryside in Japan or jetting off for a European holiday. Once you’ve settled on where to go, the next challenge is deciding what to pack – how much can you fit in your suitcase, and how many situations you’re likely to be in, not to mention caring for clothing while away from home.

kay me takes the stress out of holiday packing with our premium jersey and silk fabrics that are crease-resistant as well as being luxurious to the touch – no more wrinkled fabric, and with our innovative patterning techniques, you’ll have a perfect fit every time.


(Side drape orange and Monet)

Keep reading for our travel packing tips as well as our five favourite holiday dresses…

kay me’s holiday travel packing tips:

Roll items instead of folding – our fabrics are specially crease-resistant, and you’ll also be able to fit more in your suitcase

Bring versatile colours – if your wardrobe is mostly neutrals, then why not add a splash of colour to stand out by the poolside?

Wear comfortable materials when traveling – our maxi-length travel dress has been specially designed with vacations in mind

Pack layers – a simple white jacket looks great with everything from casual jeans to beautiful printed dresses

Our top five kay me holiday dresses:


Mediterranean sun – first on the list has to be our seasonal-favourite, the Limone sleeveless dress. Inspired by an Italian wedding, the bright colours and lush flowers of this dress are sure to brighten even cloudy summer days.


Seaside cottage – blue seas are the prefect match for this stretchy denim dress with accent front zip. Go from long lunches at the local cafe to afternoons at the beach with effortless chic.


Eastern luxury – our signature Otsukimi purple dress is a real stand out – we guarantee everyone will be asking just where you found this unique dress! Not only suitable for taking in the sights of traditional Japan, our patented easy-care materials make this the star of any suitcase.


City break – the bold white stripe and contrasting navy of our Milan dress certainly make an impact. A great day-to-night dress, simply change from sandals to heels to complete the transformation.


Romantic getaway – see the sun set over Venice or spend the weekend at a country house? Whatever your plans, the cache-coeur dress in rich violet is sure to take you there in style. The longer sleeves of this design are suitable for cool evening strolls and rooftop dining.

The only tough decision now is choosing which of our stunning premium dresses to bring with you!

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